This agreement includes the access and usage rules for content(s) and product(s) subject to copyright protection and whose intellectual property rights belong to the content provider and/or third parties within the scope of Accessing the content and/or products by clicking the buy button; It means that you accept and declare that you have read this agreement, understand its scope and accept its provisions in electronic environment. If you do not accept the terms of the contract or have reservations about it, please do not approve the contract and do not access content and products. The approval and acceptance transactions you make in the electronic environment are recorded. NHUMAN will be able to make updates and changes required by the legislation in this End User License Agreement without prior notice. We declare that you are bound by the current Contract as of the date of the announcement on





Name / Surname / Title: Final, Consumer


LICENSEE has obtained the right of access license for a period of time for NHUMAN E-Learning Trainings (hereinafter referred to as "Product"), which is an internet-enabled training material specified in this Agreement and in the preliminary information form. The right to a term access license; provides access to, an e-education product and service, over the internet within the scope of this contract. The aforementioned features and terms of use are as stated in the information on the goods/service promotion page on the website and in the preliminary information form, which is considered an integral part of this Agreement.

This Term Access and End User License Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) is between NHUMAN Ticaret Limited Şirketi (hereinafter referred to as “NHUMAN”) and the USER (in this Agreement, USER means YOU. It has been concluded electronically by completing the registration process by marking the “I have read and accepting the Agreement” item on the website and clicking the “Continue” button. In the Agreement, NHUMAN and the USER are collectively referred to as the PARTIES.

This Agreement covers the rights and obligations of the PARTIES regarding the right to use the CONTENT(S) AND/OR PRODUCT(s) you have chosen by accessing them via the internet via the website. is interpreted as the USER guarantees that he/she is authorized in this regard. In the event that this Agreement is accepted without authorization and only the legal entity/institution on behalf of which the transaction is made starts to actually use and/or accesses the CONTENT AND/OR PRODUCTS, the Contract shall be established on behalf of the legal entity/institution on behalf of which the transaction is made and the Agreement shall be processed without authorization with all its provisions. It gives rise to the provisions and consequences jointly and severally before the person and the legal person/institution that has done it. NHUMAN has the authority to update the content. The USER accepts that he will receive updates on this subject.


2.1 Owner of Intellectual Property Rights: NHUMAN, its affiliates and subsidiaries, owns some intellectual and/or industrial property rights on and its parts and the content, programs and works obtained with or through and/or third parties who have rights on the works, including NHUMAN's content, media or platform suppliers. The property rights of services, information, copyrighted works, trademarks, design, all real and personal rights that may be subject to disposal, including all kinds of content, commercial information and know-how available on are reserved. Under no circumstances, this agreement does not authorize the user to use intellectual and/or industrial property rights on content, programs and works, does not give the right to engage in activities that would violate these rights, and cannot be interpreted as allowing for such activities. The USER has an individual and temporary access license to the purchased PRODUCTS AND CONTENT. The access license granted to the USER with this AGREEMENT is individual only by means of accessing, running, and displaying the USER within the framework of the rights and limits specified in the AGREEMENT.

2.3 Prohibited Actions and Transactions: The USER agrees that NHUMAN will use it in accordance with all applicable national and international legislation, rules and laws regarding internet use. The USER shall not change, adapt, translate, sell any element of the content on; not to prepare derivative or processed works from this content/product/service, not to disturb the order of this content/product/service, not to use, change, or to use any content, images, clips, musical works or compositions, words and compositions for purposes other than this AGREEMENT. It agrees not to reverse engineer it in a way that disrupts it and not to attempt to publish it in any medium.

The USER cannot download or save all or part of to his computer. cannot produce partial/complete copies of its contents. It cannot allow such copies to be used by others for any purpose, and cannot offer them to their benefit and information.

RIGHT OF REFUND (withdrawal)

The PRODUCT subject to this Agreement is digital content that includes online and registered training services. In this respect, the BUYER does not have the right of withdrawal, as it falls within the scope of "contracts regarding services performed instantly in electronic environment or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer" pursuant to Article 15/ğ of the Regulation on Distance Contracts prepared based on the Consumer Protection Law No. 6502.

There is a %3 margin of error in the general training contents and in the NHUMAN system, in line with the updates that may be included in the package (such as operation error, renewal - removal of the training due to acquisition update, etc.). According to the request records sent to the technical support unit, the parts that are faulty or whose solution is considered to be changed will be forwarded to the technical units. There is no possibility of cancellation or refund related to this article.

The USER cannot transfer, rent, offer or sell the individual access right granted by this AGREEMENT to third parties, even free of charge, without the written consent of NHUMAN. The USER may not perform any acts of publishing, copying, duplicating, processing, changing, broadcasting directly or indirectly, having a community listen and/or watched, or broadcasting in any way the products and contents for which it has the right to access. The use of the Product and Content, for which a personal access license has been obtained, in public places or to be listened to and/or watched by the USER is prohibited, and cannot be the subject of any indirect or direct income or similar benefit.

Although the USER accepts the distance sales contract before purchasing, the device purchased due to requests for a return in violation of the contract related to the video license system that will violate NHUMAN's copyrights and requests in channels where NHUMAN does not interfere, such as accepts that it has a criminal liability of 4,000,000 (Only Four Million) TRY (Turkish Lira) in case of detection of comments contrary to the contract in line with the IP device information matching the login device and mail, contact information. In case of making the relevant determinations, the penal sanction is collected from the user.

The USER may not act in any way that may damage, prevent access, overload or damage the site or the sites, goods or services, software, data or data of the content, media or platform suppliers to which it links, cannot intervene in a way that prevents them from benefiting from its services.

Any information belonging to the system, content, environment or platform that the USER has obtained through prohibited actions is confidential information; cannot use this confidential information under any circumstances; may not disclose or disclose to third parties directly or indirectly in any way.

The USER cannot interfere with the rights and copyrights, trademarks or other registration rights notices of the third parties who have rights on the content, including the product, content, media or platform suppliers, for which it has obtained a temporary access license within the scope of The USER's use of for an unlawful, unlawful, fraudulent or improper purpose or allowing any third party to do so, participating in or encouraging an act in this direction, as revised from time to time, hereinafter. NHUMAN will be able to terminate the AGREEMENT and claim all damages if it acts in a way that violates the CONTRACT or encourages any third party to do these actions.

In addition, if the USER does not comply with its commitments and obligations under this article, he will be solely responsible for the claims of third party companies and third parties, and the amount of compensation requested from NHUMAN due to the damages incurred by third parties, including but not limited to the licensers regarding the work and content, and the court. and any other expenses, including, but not limited to, attorney's fees.

The USER does not use in a way that causes all data or other materials (a) to violate or infringe on the rights of third parties (including but not limited to intellectual property rights) or (b) to be harmful or disruptive to the hardware, or (c) not to use it to send or transmit in a way that may damage third parties' computer systems, networks or equipment. If the USER acts to the contrary, in accordance with this AGREEMENT, all responsibility belongs to the USER and that he will be responsible for any damages and losses that may arise due to this, and for any lawsuit, loss or damage claims filed by third parties, NHUMAN 's such lawsuit, complaint and similar issues, in the event that NHUMAN pays any compensation or is put under any obligation to third parties by being deemed a party in any lawsuit to be filed by third parties, due to the violation of this provision by the USER, especially the compensation it has paid. declares, accepts and undertakes irrevocably that it can recourse to the USER any damage it incurs and that upon NHUMAN's request, it will unconditionally pay the indemnity, damages and expenses paid in advance.

Since the USER uses or approves this AGREEMENT, any action that NHUMAN and/or 3rd parties will incur, due to acts contrary to the rights and obligations specified in the AGREEMENT and/or failure to fulfill his/her actions and commitments. agrees and undertakes to immediately compensate for any loss or damage.

FORCE MAJEURE: In all cases deemed 'force majeure' legally, NHUMAN's liability will be temporarily suspended in case of late or incomplete performance or non-performance of any of its obligations set out in this AGREEMENT. These and similar situations will not be deemed as delay, incomplete performance or non-performance or default for NHUMAN, or no compensation can be claimed from NHUMAN under any name. The term “force majeure” includes, but is limited to, natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power cuts and bad weather conditions, including but not limited to precautionary injunctions within the scope of blocking access to the website that was later decided to be removed by the courts. provided that it is not caused by NHUMAN's fault, it will be interpreted as unavoidable events that develop beyond its control.


All matters regarding the accuracy, security, storage, keeping away from the information of third parties and use of the password and other information to be given during or after registration to are entirely the responsibility of the USER. NHUMAN is not responsible for accessing on behalf of the USER, by being used by someone else. NHUMAN's liability regarding the damages incurred or to be incurred by the USER and/or third parties arising from the security, storage, keeping away from the information of third parties, use of the means of access (username and password) of the USER to , directly or indirectly, does not have any responsibility. In this context, the USER cannot claim any damages or compensation from NHUMAN under any name. NHUMAN Information Security Policy and KVKK Clarification Text regarding NHUMAN's personal information protection is at.


8.1 Transfer of Agreement: The USER cannot transfer this AGREEMENT and his rights under this AGREEMENT to another person or institution. The USER agrees that NHUMAN may assign its rights and responsibilities under this AGREEMENT to a third person/institution/party or make a sub-contract without the consent of the USER.

8.2 Written Waiver: NHUMAN does not waive any of its rights under this AGREEMENT by postponing or exercising only some of its rights. Any waiver of rights to be enforced for violations of the provisions of this AGREEMENT or defaults under this AGREEMENT shall not enter into force unless such waiver is in writing and signed by the waiver. A waiver of any breach or default will not constitute a waiver of any subsequent breach or default.

8.3 Partial Invalidity: If any provision of this AGREEMENT is deemed invalid or unenforceable by the court and/or competent authority, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions of the AGREEMENT. If it is decided that a provision or some provisions of this AGREEMENT are not enforceable by the decision of the court or the competent authority, NHUMAN will correct this provision(s) in accordance with the mandatory provisions of the law and appropriately for the PARTIES to achieve the purpose set forth in this AGREEMENT and to keep the other provisions of the CONTRACT fully effective and valid.

9. EFFECT AND TERMINATION OF THE AGREEMENT: USER, This AGREEMENT enters into force between the Parties as soon as he/she uses the PRODUCT and CONTENTS or declares that he/she accepts this AGREEMENT.

10. DISPUTE RESOLUTION: This AGREEMENT and its implementation, interpretation, management of legal relations and resolution of disputes arising under its provisions shall be governed by Turkish Law. The PARTIES agree that Ankara Central Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized for disputes arising from the implementation of this AGREEMENT.

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