What is Well-Being at Work:

Workplace wellbeing is the fulfillment of employees' physical, mental, social and cognitive needs and expectations related to their work. On the other hand, wellbeing consultancy covers the development of products and content tailored to the organization in order to strengthen the well-being of employees and to adopt a holistic well-being.


According to the Future of Human Resources Report (2021);

  • 35.4 percent of employees in Türkiye think that their needs for wellbeing practices are not adequately met by organizations

According to the Gallup Global Sentiment Report (2022);

  • The stress level of employees in the world is at an all-time high: % 44
  • Türkiye’deki çalışanlarda stres düzeyi %66; Yani 3’te 2.
  • Turkey ranks first in the world in terms of stress level!
  • ‘Dün çok güldünüz mü?’ sorusuna verilen yanıtlarda Türkiye %36 ile en az gülen ülke.

According to the World Happiness Report (2022);

  • Turkey ranks 112th out of 146 countries in the happiness ranking.


Wellbeing Consultancy consists of in-house wellbeing consultancy, wellbeing support trainings, activities and wellbeing materials to help local and international organizations become healthier and more sustainable today and for the future. In this context, employee baskets and wellbeing handbooks support employees to increase their self-help skills and achieve work-life balance in line with the needs of the organization, from the start of their employment to the orientation process.


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